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Best engineers in the industry?

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  • Best engineers in the industry?

    Bob Clearmountain is pretty prolific and mixes albums across so many genres. His mix for Mary Fahl’s From The Dark Side of The Moon is apparently being re-released in 5.1 this year, which I’m excited to see.

    Who is your favorite audio engineer, and which album would you recommend for a first time listener?

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    Steven Wilson - Porcupine Tree's In Absentia is timeless and perfect


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      If we're on the prog rock boat, then yes the ultimate captain is Steven Wilson 🤩 He's done excellent remasters of his own work.

      To anyone who cares: In the Court of the Crimson King had a new 50th anniversary release last year, and has soooo many additional tracks and content on their blu ray set. It's like a true ode to this music and how it's evolved the last 50 years - I can't recommend it enough